County Fair

It’s county fair season. Our Boulder County Fair starts Aug 3. If you haven’t been to your county’s fair recently, consider going. Our fairs represent connections to the past and present as well as community. Of particular interest to our farm is our fair’s emphasis on agriculture. If you are an urban […]

Farm Stand Open Saturday

It was great meeting everybody who stopped by last week. We are open Saturdays 9:00-2:00. And thanks to all who supported our daughter’s lemonade stand for charity. This week we’ll have: Beets (We got the beet, we got the beet, yeah, we got the beet) Swiss chard Scallions Bush beans […]

Farm Stand Opening

We are excited to open our farm stand for the season Saturdays 9:00-2:00. We’ve been working hard tending our organic veggies. This is our first year, and we hope to meet you. This week we’ll have: Beets Swiss chard Scallions Bush beans Basil Parsley Zinnias Pasture-raised eggs if you are […]

Two more baby goats arrived

The last two kids of the season were born today from our doe, Dewdrop. There’s not much sweeter than a newborn goat sleeping on your lap. We are so happy to have had seven kids this season and with smooth deliveries. These were the first kiddings for Dewdrop and Scully. […]

Ants in the …

Both irrigation pumps decided to stop working just ahead of upper 90’s temperatures with no rain in the forecast. It was the ants. No way, you say. How can ants shut down your pumps? It turns out the ants I saw a couple days ago making a highway out of […]

Something in the air – more goat kids, same day

As it turns out, the same day Goldilocks kidded, Scully one of our other goat does, did too. Scully had always seemed extra pregnant. She birthed her first handsome little boy, but then didn’t do anything for about an hour and a half. Then in two giant heaves with much […]

Our problem with bindweed goes back for generations

Alas, not much progress has occurred since this paper was published in 1909. That’s older than our 1914 farmhouse. I think it is going to be years before we get it managed in our market garden. Our goats love the stuff, but they can’t be in the garden during growing […]

First babies of the season

Well that was fast. Goldilocks’ udder ballooned like a basketball yesterday and we woke up this morning to… Two healthy baby girls.

Kids coming soon

Goldilocks’ udder looks like she’s ready. It’s enormous! We’re expecting all three of our does to kid this month.

Eggs now organic!

We have obtained a source of organic chicken feed. While the chickens are on pasture, they still do need feed to keep up their egg production. In addition to being organic and non-GMO the feed smells delicious, like you could have it as a hearty breakfast cereal. We have to […]