An historic farm in beautiful Boulder, Colorado


We are an historic farm in the beautiful Valmont Valley just east of Boulder, Colorado. Here we produce organic eggs, meat, and veggies. Our eggs are delicious. Each one tastes like it packs in all of Colorado’s annual 300 days of sunshine. Happy hens move around our pasture in their mobile chicken coop, The Chickiegogie, to munch on fresh grass and bugs in addition to anĀ organic, non-GMO feedĀ . Our grass-fed meat goats and lambs are rotated around the pasture as well in a managed intensive grazing scheme that maximizes the health of the land and the animals. We have a large market garden, growing a variety of organic, non-GMO vegetables and flowers for our farm stand.

Check out the Airport Neighborhood Campaign, a ballot petition effort to repurpose the nearby Boulder Airport.