We have no meat available at the moment. COVID-19 has put so much pressure on regional meat processors that they are booked solid through 2021.

We raise grass-fed goats on our organic pasture. USDA meat cuts are available. If you are interested, please contact us via the contact page.

We raise our animals for our own consumption as well as for sale. This way we know what goes into the meat our family eats. Our animals couldn’t have a better life. They get plenty of love, space, and fresh herbicide/pesticide-free pasture. We rotate the animals into different paddocks to keep both the pasture and our animals healthy.

Goat Meat Pricing

Leg, bone-in$10.49/lb
Leg steaks, bone-in$10.49/lb
Shoulder roast, bone-in$10.49/lb
Stew meat$10.49/lb
Soup bones$4.99/lb
Liver, heart$6.99/lb