Something in the air – more goat kids, same day

As it turns out, the same day Goldilocks kidded, Scully one of our other goat does, did too. Scully had always seemed extra pregnant. She birthed her first handsome little boy, but then didn’t do anything for about an hour and a half. Then in two giant heaves with much screaming, out came a girl and another boy. The boy was still enclosed in his sac. Scully took now interest in tearing him out. The girl was already walking around. So I had to rip open the sac. After a few coughs to clear the fluid, the boy seemed okay. He did take a couple more hours before he could stand though. They are all doing well now. Scully is patiently nursing all three of her babies. Triplets are not unusual, but we didn’t expect them out of her first kidding.

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