An historic farm in beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Farm Stand – The Heirlooms Tomatoes are Big and Tasty

Valmont Valley Farm, Andrus Farm, Naughty Goat Farm Thursday Friday 3-6 pm Saturday 10-2 pm

3614 61st Street

Parking inside green gate in pasture.

The giant German and other heirloom tomatoes are here. Giant teddy bear sunflowers too.

This week from the farms:

Flowers and homemade jam from Lee Ann at Valmont Valley Farm

Coffee beans from Korbadeere coffee

Goat meat from Andrus Farm

Focaccia on thursday and TBD Friday and Saturday from Mary at Naughty Goat Farm Veggies:

Tomatoes Cucumbers Baby and full size beets Baby carrots Scallions Peppers – shishito, jalapeno, padron, bell Chard Collards Kale Basil Mint Dill Squash – zephyr, zucchini, butter, Green beans Dragon Tongue beans Loads of bright zinnias and sunflowers Goat meat organic and pasture raised by Andrus Farm

Coming soon: Potatoes!

Our ditch just got shut off, so we are scrambling to get city water hooked up to the drip tape irrigation so we can keep the veggies coming.

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