An historic farm in beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Farm Stand Saturday, 10/5 9:00-2:00

We’re winding down. This is probably the last couple of weeks for tomatoes.

Again this Saturday we will be selling our produce at Mary’s Naughty Goat Farm stand just down the street from us. Mary offers a variety of organic vegetables, flowers, eggs, and baked goods. And Leann’s flowers from The Valmont Valley Farm are amazing. Mary’s stand at 3614 61st St., Boulder, CO, 80301. Mary’s galettes are so delicious.

All Organic.

Get into the decorative spirit with our miniature white Casperita pumpkins that are also edible. We have mini orange pumpkins too.

We have a large harvest of Berkeley Pink Tie Dye, San Marzano, Pineapple, Cherokee Purple, Silvery Fir Tree, Indigo Cherry Drops, and a variety of cherry tomatoes. This is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. Also this week we’ll be contributing a variety of peppers, goat meat, rainbow chard, collards, cucumbers, basil, and parsley

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