Scully was indeed very pregnant. She gave us four babies, all healthy and able to nurse. But these likely mean we’ll need to supplement with the bottle.

First Baby Goats of the Season

We didn’t think Dewdrop would be the first to kid. Here are Tater and Scarlet. Bugsy and Bosco are very interested…maybe a little too interested.

The Bees Have Arrived

The first of two hives arrived today. We are hosting the bees for a local keeper. The hum of the hive is strangely calming. If the honey is anything like what we pulled out of our barn wall, it will be wonderful. That’s an electric fence setup you see in […]

Sunflowers and the Golden Ratio

The pattern formed by the developing sunflower seed heads mesmerizes, still yet full of motion. There is a mathematical explanation for this beautiful pattern. When I saw this video, it blew my mind. I’ve heard of the golden ratio before and how it describes natural phenomena, but here it was […]

Grass-fed Lamb Shares Available

The season is winding down. They shut off our irrigation ditch a few weeks ago and have had virtually no rain, so we have closed the farm stand for the season. But we still have two lambs available. They will be processed on 11/6/18. Check out the meat shares page for […]

Foggy Light on the Farm

A fog enveloped the farm as I was out taking care of the livestock this morning. Fog is uncommon around here so it is always a treat to experience it. The cool morning fog is also a signal that our hot summer days are giving way to those of autumn.

Farm Stand Open Saturday 9:00-2:00

Our farm stand is open Saturdays 9:00-2:00. We’ve got maters and taters. The red grape and orange cherry tomatoes are beautiful. The Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye heirlooms are, well, irregular, but they are so tasty, blemishes and all. We also have an assortment of other tomatoes including San Marzano. Our purple […]

Farm Stand Open Saturday

Our farm stand is open Saturdays 9:00-2:00. The tomatoes are coming on and taste soooo good. Everybody has been asking for potatoes. This week we got ’em. We’ve dug up some purple and colorado red. Also, we have a barn sale. Everything is organic. This week we’ll have: Apples (Granny […]